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The aim of this rescue plan is to guarantee the best possible orthodox response of the Helsinki Downhill Association's members in the event of an accident.


The most important thing for Helsinki Downhill Association is the positive attitude of all members to safety issues; even the best plan or guidance has no value if it is not followed or understood.


This safety plan and its appendices will be distributed to all members of the Helsinki Downhill Association, placed on the website, on the information board at the top of Malminkartano and submitted to the area's rescue authority.


It is the responsibility of those in charge to ensure that everyone who is responsible for their area of responsibility understands the importance of safety issues and knows how to work safely, as well as know how to act in the event of an accident.


The area is divided into four blocks to make it easier to find the location of the accident site.


Property Basics:

The top of Malminkartano 1, 00410 Helsinki,
already on the side of Naapuripellontie 10


In accident situations, the first step must be to prevent further damage without endangering yourself.


The potential victims and their condition are then identified and the necessary first aid measures are initiated and, if necessary, the emergency center is called,.


- In the event of an accident, move / move the fallen person to the side of the carriageway.

- Take the necessary first aid measures

- If necessary, call the emergency number (112)

- Go against the ambulance to the lower gates and open the gates if necessary

- Wait for the rescue worker at the lower gate and direct them to the scene

- If the situation is critical, there is a landing place for the mediheli at the top of the slope.

- When the situation subsides, make sure that the route is in working order again (there is no extra stuff on the route, etc.)

- If the route requires rehabilitation, contact the association

- If you drive alone, we recommend using the ANGi crash sensor

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