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Helsingin Downhill

Our aim is to take downhill biking further as a hobby and also competitive level. Association was founded to organize the Malminkartano's downhill biking as according to City of Helsinki and its guidelines. One of our goals is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to do downhill biking as a hobby. In order to meet our targets we are actively taking part to improve the opportunities of hobbies in the area and making sure it is safe.

Helsingin Downhill association and City of Helsinki have agreed to a ten year ground lease agreement of Malminkartanopeak's north slope as from 15.11.2019. The area is now fenced and Helsingin DH association looks after the premises. The area is accessible for members only. By becoming a member you will gain access to the premises.


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Board members

Kari Klemetti

Tel. +358408373932

Seppo Purhonen

Board member

Mia Klemetti

Board member

Aaro Visala

Board member

Ulla Klemetti

Board member

Markus Kainulainen

Board member,


Oscar Tulander

Board member

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